Why Should You Call Us???

1.We are available 24/7.

2.We have been servicing commercial and industrial entities for over 16 years.

3.The combined knowledge and expertise of our technicians exceeds 40 years of experience.

4.Our invoicing and quotes are individualized for the customers' specific needs.

5.We are polite, timely, and efficient.



We specialize in replacing equipment such as split systems, packages rooftop units, chillers, cooling towers, boilers, heat pumps, and furnaces. We do this efficiently, cost effectively and timely to minimize our customers down time.

Our planned maintenance contracts provide scheduled inspections of equipment to change filters, tighten belts, lubricate bearings and check all operations. The prices of these inspections are quoted on an annual basis.

Cooling towers often require continuous water treatment. Chilled water and process water and hot water heating may require water treatment. We can provide this service.

Troubleshooting is available for the failing system. Some common problems we have serviced include noise level too high, air quality contaminated, temperature too hot or too cold, leaking of condensation and refrigerant too low.

Refrigerant charged or disposed of by our technicians. Service of ice machines, freezers and walk-in coolers is provided. Our Technicians are all CFC certified to handle refrigerant.

Please Consider This

For your home or business a ductless heat pump system for supplemental heat and air conditioning. Heat Pumps that can heat or cool one room or several. Heat Pumps with NO DUCT WORK. Heat Pumps that are an alternative to oil, that cool one or two rooms, instead of unused rooms. With oil prices constantly fluctuating why not consider a heat pump for supplemental heat.

Give Chris a call. He will evaluate your needs and recommend a system for you.

Please Consider This

Another Change for the year 2010 is that the most economical system you can but these days uses R410 refrigerant. Systems in the past ran on R22 refrigerant. R22 is being discontinued and therefore the price is increasing, as the R410 systems become more common. If you are thinking of replacing your system, we strongly suggest one that uses R410 refrigerant. These systems may be slightly higher in cost right now, but less then a R22 system if it is leaking refrigerant to repair.

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